Getting the Youth to Participate in the Policy and Law-Making Process
I am committed and passionate about getting people involved in the policy and law-making process. I initially started with blogs and opinion editorials, and then videos. The initiative was aimed at sharing information on topical issues that were being discussed at Parliament. It was also aimed at informing the public how these processes can be influenced.
I have received a number of responses from the blogs and videos. From these responses, I decided to start a school project with three schools in the Western Cape.  The project is aimed at exposing learners to the legislative process and how it can be influenced. The project will be run over a period of one to two years.
The project commenced on Friday, 2 August. I used a can of coke to illustrate how the sugar levy process unfolded at Parliament. Going forward, I will use NHI bill, to further illustrate the legislative process.
Thank you to Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Development and Government Communications and Information Systems for material.