Intellectual Property Seminar

Zelna Jansen Consultancy have partnered with the Trade Law Centre (tralac) to bring a series of panel discussions on the topic of intellectual property law i...n South Africa and in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. This is a deliberate activity to create a conversation amongst relevant stakeholders aimed at finding solutions to challenges found in new generation issues such as geographical indicators, trademarks, etc.

It is reported that economies with robust IP protection experience 80 percent more knowledge-based, technological and creative productions; are 75 percent more likely to have larger and more dynamic content and media sectors; are 68 percent more likely to have supportive business climates; have a 40 percent greater capacity to generate value from information, communication and technology; and are 50 percent more attractive to foreign investors.

The first IP Seminar was held on 6 Sept, at the Graduate School of Business, UCT. We were very pleased to have the Hon. Joan Fubbs, Chairperson to Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry as the opening speaker.

The event was well attended by Members of Parliament in Portfolio Committees: on Trade and Industry and Arts and Culture. Representatives from the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Departments of Agriculture and Trade Industry.